YES EDUCATION CENTER is offering tutoring to undergraduate University students in all subjects of first year university disciplines. Taught by PhD holders and PhD candidates, past TA’s and Educated instructors in each field who have numerous years of experience with the Canadian University System and training for each course. Students will benefit from the increased knowledge that each instructor can provide and the midterm exam and final preparation to help students have clear understanding before the exams.

Mid-Term and Final Examination Crash Courses


Seminars held before midterm exams and finals for each of the above listed courses. Students will be supplied with course preparation notes and materials. Taught by


Proposed Style: Held as one day crash course (Saturday or Sunday for 6 - 8hours) or Weeknights (3 -4 hours over two days ~ one to two weeks prior to exam)

Seminar Prep Courses: (Course Specific- will do research in September to get exact examination dates)

  • Engineering (Applied Math, Calculus, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Dynamics, Electrical Circuits and Machines, Electricity and Magnetism, Linear Algebra, Statics)

  • Sciences (Biochemistry, Biology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolution, Electricity and Magnetism, Genetics, Mechanics, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Physiology)

  • Social Sciences (Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Psychology, Statistics)

  • Math and Statistics (Calculus, Differential Equations, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Statistics)

Special University Writing:

Term Papers (Any Arts SubjectAny, Science Subject) – Editing Package

  1. Includes Planning Process

  2. Research process

  3. Writing Process

  4. Editing Process

  5. Citation Process

  6. Plagiarism Checks

  7. Submission Process


Science Undergraduate Degree Courses:

BIOL 112

BIOL 121

BIOL 140

CHEM 111

CHEM 113

CHEM 121

CHEM 123

CHEM 203

CHEM 213

CPSC 103

MATH 100 or 102 or 104

MATH 101 or 103 or 105

PHYS 101

PHYS 102

PHYS 107

PHYS 108

PHYS 109

PHYS 117

PHYS 118

PHYS 119


112 and ENGL 110)

Science Undergraduate Degree Courses:

APSC 100 

APSC 1011

APSC 160 

CHEM 1541

ENGL 1122

MATH 100 

MATH 101 

MATH 152

PHYS 157 

PHYS 158 

PHYS 159 

PHYS 170 


Proposed Methods of Class:

  1. Students can sign up for individual courses for tutoring on a regular basis

  2. Students can sign up for a package where they can receive tutoring for any subject in their discipline when they need it (Sold in 10 sessions, 20 session etc.)

  3. English Courses- Students can receive help when they have papers due (Planning process- research process- writing process- editing process- submission) + Free Plagiarism Check

  4. Examination Prep Seminars