BC Education Bureau Certified Secondary School Online School Course

Since 2015, YES Education Center has cooperated with BC's Kamloops Open Online Learning (KOOL, SD73) to provide online credit courses for grades 8-12. It has successfully completed online learning for many middle school students in Metro Vancouver and achieved excellent results.


     BC Online School is a form of public education in BC. While studying in normal schools, some subjects choose online schools to study. The credits are also recognized by the Ministry of Education. They can be used as graduation credits and university application results, and in school The credits earned have the same effect. Its advantage is that it does not affect the school's course selection, the progress can be fast or slow according to the students' own situation, and can effectively improve the grades.

​Why choose YES online school?
  1. Courses can be used as prerequisites. If you want to get credits in advance, you can choose higher-level courses in the new semester.

  2. The school’s performance is not satisfactory and cannot be re-elected at school. In order to improve the scores of some subjects, the goal can be achieved through online classes.

  3. Especially for students who have not been in Canada for a long time, due to ELL and other issues, they cannot complete the necessary credits at the end of the 12th grade, and they can take the missing credits through the online school elective.

  4. Take courses not selected in the school

List of YES online school courses:



English 8 and 9


Language Arts 10 credit – you must take 2 courses for your Language Arts 10 credit:  Composition, New Media, Creative Writing, Literary Studies, Spoken Language


English Literature 12 – this is a Grade 12 Elective credit
English Studies 12 – mandatory for graduation




Social Studies 8,9, 10


Social Studies 11-12 Credit:
BC First Peoples
Social Studies 11 Explorations
Physical Geography 12
Social Justice 12
Law 12



Math 8-9
Math 10 – Workplace
Math 10 – Foundations & Pre-Calculus
Math 11 – Workplace
Math 11 – Foundations

Math 12 – Foundations

Pre-Calculus 11-12
Calculus 12



Physical and Health Education 8, 9, 10


Active Living 11, 12


Career Courses

Career Education 7-9
Career Life Education 10

Career Life Connections 12 and Capstone




Science 8-10
Life Science 11 (Biology 11) and Physiology and Anatomy 12 (Biology 12)
Chemistry 11-12
Earth Science 11
Physics 11-12

Science for Citizens 11  – NEW COURSE



Business Computer Applications 12

Digital Photography 12

Foods  11

Foods  12